Adara Hagman

Designer. Writer. Futurist. Closed-loop systems.

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." - Walt Disney

Hey - I'm Adara. I'm a designer, writer, and futurist.

My mission is to help create a sustainable future through designing closed-loop systems for earth + space applications.

One of my core values + drivers is curiosity. At heart, I'm an explorer. I value adventure and exploration of the unknown. I'm always asking questions to seek understanding and reimagine the status quo. My curiosity has allowed me to seek: discomfort, perspective, and learning opportunities.

I focus my energy in and at the intersection of three areas:
1. Sustainability
2. Exploration
3. Design

I started off my journey in the advocacy space. I've delegated at conferences like the Women's Forum contributing to the G7 mandate in 2018 and wrote recommendations to Ontario's Minister of Education as part of her youth council.

In 2018, I joined a human accelerator and WEF School of The Future: The Knowledge Society. TKS is an Olympic-level training program for problem-solving. It exposed me to emerging technologies as tools to solve problems.

Over the past three years, I've deeply researched carbon sequestration, the future of food, biomimicry, and energy. I'm working on building breadth + depth in all the areas related to creating a closed-loop living space.

I love utilizing design as a tool for problem-solving. I've always been design-inclined. I enjoy fashion design, animation, and painting on my walls.

Disney has played a large role in my journey. I'm inspired by the creatives and technologists behind Disney's immersive storytelling. Imagineering is one of my dream jobs, along with astronaut + Nat Geo explorer.

I was on Team Canada Sport Stacking for several years. I competed at the AAU Junior Olympics in 2017 and at Worlds in Florida in 2018. It was a blast.

I love to write! About technology, learnings, poetry, short stories...

That's me in a nutshell. I would love to hear your story. 💌Email Me

To learn about what Adara is up to at the moment, check out her now page

What I'm Up to Now

This is my now page. It gives an overview of where I'm spending my time at the moment. Was inspired by Sivers to make this page.

Current Focuses
Last Updated - 02/04/21

The Future Of Fashion: I'm learning about the fashion industry, researching fast fashion + the negative impacts of fashion, and brainstorming ways to create sustainable streetwear.
Watson Institute: I'm in my third week of Watson Institute's Spring 2021 Semester accelerator program. My mission is the environment and I'm in the venture stream.
TKS: I'm in my third year of The Knowledge Society in the Activate program. I'm focusing on deeply understanding the fast fashion problem using frameworks like root cause analysis. I mentor and coach students in the Foundations program.
Pixar in A Box: Started the storytelling module in Khan Academy x Disney's Pixar in a Box course. I'm working on becoming a better writer.

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📍Based in Ontario, Canada
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